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Night World : Witchlight Chapter 12

They were all on their feet by now. Keller's early warning system was screaming hysterically. â€Å"I can't stand it anymore,† Diana hissed. â€Å"What's going on?† Just then, Nissa said in a quenched voice, â€Å"All right, we will. Yes. â€Å"Bye.† She carefully replaced the handset. Then she turned very slowly to face the others. Or not to face them exactly. She was looking down at the floor in an unfocused way that scared Keller to death. â€Å"Well, what is it?† Keller growled. Nissa opened her mouth and raised her eyes to look at Winnie. Then she looked down again. â€Å"I'm sorry,† she said. â€Å"Winnie, I don't know how to say this.† She swallowed and then straightened, speaking formally. â€Å"The Crone of all the Witches is dead.† Winnie's eyes went huge, and her hands flew to her throat. â€Å"Grandma Harman!† â€Å"Yes.† â€Å"But how?† Nissa spoke carefully. â€Å"It happened yesterday in Las Vegas. She was outside her shop, right there on a city street, in broad daylight. She was attacked†¦ by three shapeshifters.† Keller stood and listened to her pounding heart. Winnie breathed, â€Å"No. That's not possible.† â€Å"A couple of wolves and a tiger. A real tiger, Keller, not any smaller cat. There were human witnesses who saw it. It's being reported as some bizarre escape from a private zoo.† Keller stood rigid. Control, control, she thought. We don't have time for grieving; we've got to figure out what this means. But she couldn't help thinking about Grandma Harman's good old face. Not a beautiful face, not a young face, but a good one, with intelligence and humor in the keen gray eyes. A face with a thousand wrinkles-and a story to go with each one. How would Circle Daybreak ever get along without her? The oldest witch in the world, the oldest Hearth-Woman. Winnie put both hands to her face and began to cry. The others stood silently. Keller didn't know what to do. She was so bad at these emotional things, but nobody else was stepping forward. Nissa was even less good at dealing with emotion, and right now her cool face was sympathetic and sad but distant. Iliana looked on the verge of tears herself, but uncertain. Galen was staring emptily across the room with something like despair. Keller awkwardly put an arm around Winnie. â€Å"Come on, sit down. Do you want some tea? She wouldn't like you to cry.† All pretty stupid things to say. But Winnie buried her strawberry-blond head against Keller's chest, sobbing. â€Å"Why? Why did they kill her? It isn't right.† Nissa shifted uneasily. â€Å"Paulie said something about that, too. He said we should turn on CNN.† Keller set her teeth. â€Å"Where's the remote?† she said, trying not to sound rough. Iliana picked it up and punched in a channel. An anchorwoman was speaking, but for a second Keller couldn't take in what she was saying. All she could see were the words on the screen: â€Å"CNN SPECIAL REPORT: ANIMAL PANIC.† And the footage, rough video from somebody's camcorder. It showed an unbelievable scene. An ordinary city street, with skyscrapers in the background-and in the foreground ordinary-looking people all mixed up with†¦ shapes. Tawny shapes. About the same size she was in panther form, and sinuous. They were on top of people. Four of them†¦ no, five. Mountain lions. They were killing the humans. A woman was screaming, flailing at an animal that had her arm in its mouth to the elbow. A man was trying to pull another lion off a little boy. Then something with a white-tipped muzzle ran directly at the camera. It jumped. There was a gasping scream and for an instant a glimpse of a wide-open mouth filled with two-inch teeth. Then the video turned to static. â€Å"-that was the scene at the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles today. We now go to Ron Hennessy, live outside the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Keller stood frozen, her fists clenched in helpless fury. â€Å"It's happening everywhere,† Nissa said quietly from behind her. â€Å"That's what Paulie said. Every major city in the U.S. is being attacked. A white rhino killed two people in Miami. In Chicago, a pack of timber wolves killed an armed police officer.† â€Å"Shapeshifters,† Keller whispered. â€Å"Yes. Killing humans openly. They may even be transforming openly. Paulie said that some people claimed to see those Chicago wolves change. She took a deep breath and spoke slowly. â€Å"Keller, the time of chaos at the end of the millennium†¦ it's happening now. They can't cover this up with a â€Å"private zoo† story. This is it-the beginning of the time when humans find out about the Night World.† Diana looked bewildered. â€Å"But why would shapeshifters start attacking humans? And why would they kill Grandma Harman?† Keller shook her head. She was rapidly approaching numbness. She glanced at Galen and saw that he felt exactly the same. Then there was a choked sound beside her. â€Å"That's the question-why,† Winnie said in a thick voice. Usually, with her elfin features and mop of curls, she looked younger than her age. But right now, the skin on her face was drawn tight, and her birdlike bones made her look almost like an old woman. She turned on Keller and Galen, and her eyes were burning. â€Å"Not just why they're doing it, why they're being allowed to do it. Where's the First House while all this is going on? Why aren't they monitoring their own people? Is it because they agree with what's happening?† The last words were snapped out with a vicious-ness that Keller had never heard in Winfrith before. Galen opened his mouth, then he shook his head. â€Å"Winnie, I don't think-â€Å" â€Å"You don't think! You don't know? What are your parents doing? Are you saying you don't know that?† â€Å"Winnie-â€Å" â€Å"They killed our oldest leader. Our wise woman. You know, some people would take that as a declaration of war.† Keller felt stricken and at the same time furious at her own helplessness. She was in charge here; she should be heading Winnie off. But she was a shapeshifter like Galen. And along with the ability to transform and the exquisitely tuned senses, they both shared something unique to their race. The guilt of the shapeshifters. The terrible guilt that went back to the ancient days and was part of the very fabric of Kellers mind. No shapeshifter could forget it or escape it, and nobody who wasn't a shapeshifter could ever understand. The guilt was what held Galen standing there while Winnie yelled at him, and held Keller unable to interrupt. Winnie was right in front of Galen now, her eyes blazing, her body crackling with latent energy like a small but fiery orange comet. â€Å"Who woke that dragon up, anyway?† she demanded. â€Å"How do we know the shapeshifters aren't up to their old tricks? Maybe this time they're going to wipe the witches out completely-â€Å" â€Å"Stop it!† It was Hiana. She planted herself in front of Winnie, small but earnest, a little ice maiden to combat the witch's fire. Her nose was pink and swollen, and she was still wearing those teddy bear slippers, but to Keller she somehow looked valiant and magnificent. â€Å"Stop hurting each other,† she said. â€Å"I don't understand any of this, but I know that you're not going to get anywhere if you fight. And I know you don't want to fight.† All at once, she flung her arms around Winnie. â€Å"I know how you feel-it's so awful. I felt the same way when Grandma Mary died, my mom's mother. All I could think of was that it was just so unfair.† Winfrith hesitated, standing stiffly in Diana's embrace. Then, slowly, she lifted her own arms to hold Iliana back. â€Å"We need her,† she whispered. I know. And you feel mad at the people who killed her. But it's not Galen's fault. Galen would never hurt anybody.† It was said with absolute conviction. Hiana wasn't even looking at Galen. She was stating a fact that she felt was common knowledge. But at the same time, now that she was off her guard, her expression was tender and almost shining. Yes, that's love, all right, Keller thought. And it's good. Very slowly, Winnie said, ‘I know Galen wouldn't. But the shapeshifters–â€Å" â€Å"Maybe,† Galen said, â€Å"we should talk about that† If Winnie's face was pinched, his was set in steel. His eyes were so dark that Keller couldn't distinguish the color. â€Å"Maybe we should talk about the shapeshifters,† he said. He nodded toward the kitchen table, which was still strewn with the parchments. â€Å"About their history and about the dragons.† He looked at Diana. â€Å"If there's any chance of-of a promise ceremony between us, it's stuff you ought to know.† Iliana looked startled. â€Å"He's right,† Nissa said in her calm voice. â€Å"After all, that's what we were doing to start with. It's all tied together.† Keller's whole body was tight. This was something that she very much didn't want to talk about But she refused to give in to her own weakness. With a tremendous effort, she managed to say steadily, â€Å"All right. The whole story.† â€Å"It started back in the days humans were still living in caves,† Galen said when they were all sitting down at the kitchen table again. His voice was so bleak and controlled that it didn't even sound like Galen. â€Å"The shapeshifters ruled then, and they were brutal. In some places, they were just the totem spirits who demanded human sacrifice, but in others†¦Ã¢â‚¬  He searched through the parchments, selected one. â€Å"This is a picture of a breeding pen, with humans in it. They treated humans exactly the way humans treat cattle, breeding them for their hearts and livers. And the more human flesh they ate, the stronger they got.† Iliana looked down at the parchment scrap, and her hand abruptly clenched on a tissue. Winnie listened silently, her pointed face stern. â€Å"They were stronger than anyone,† Galen said. â€Å"Humans were like flies to them. The witches were more trouble, but the dragons could beat them.† Iliana looked up. â€Å"What about the vampires?† â€Å"There weren't any yet,† Galen said quietly. â€Å"The first one was Maya Hearth-Woman, the sister of Hellewise Hearth-Woman. She made herself into a vampire when she was looking for immortality. But the dragons were naturally immortal, and they were the undisputed rulers of the planet. And they had about as much pity for others as a 7. rex has.† â€Å"But all the shapeshifters weren't like that, were they?† Iliana asked. â€Å"There were other kinds besides the dragons, right?† â€Å"They were all bad,† Keller said simply. â€Å"My ancestors–the big felines-were pretty awful. But the bears and the wolves did their share.† â€Å"But you're right, the dragons were the worst,† Galen said to Iliana. â€Å"And that's who my family is descended from. My last name, Drache, means ‘dragon.' Of course, it was the weakest of the dragons that was my ancestor. The one the witches left awake because she was so young.† He turned to Winnie. â€Å"Maybe you'd better tell that part. The witches know their own history best.† Still looking severe, Winnie thumbed through the parchment scraps until she found one. â€Å"Here,† she said. ‘It's a picture of the gathering of the witches. Hecate Witch-Queen organized it. She was Hellewise's mother. She got all the witches together, and they went after the shapeshifters. There was a big fight. A really big fight.† Winnie selected another piece of scroll and pushed it toward Diana. Diana gasped. The parchment piece she was looking down at was almost solid red. â€Å"It's fire,† she said. ‘It looks like-it looks like the whole world's on fire.† Galen's voice was flat. â€Å"That's what the dragons did. Geological records show that volcanoes all over the world erupted around then. The dragons did that. I don't know how; the magic's lost. But they figured that if they couldn't have the world, nobody else would, either.† â€Å"They tried to destroy the world,† Keller said. â€Å"And the rest of the shapeshifters helped.† ‘It almost worked, too,† Winnie said. â€Å"But the gathering of witches managed to win, and they buried all the dragons alive. I mean, they put them to sleep first, but then they buried them in the deepest places of the earth.† She bit her lip and looked at Galen. â€Å"Which probably wasn't very nice, either.† â€Å"What else could they do?† Galen said quietly. â€Å"They left the dragon princess alive-she was only three or four years old. They let her grow up, under their guidance. But the world was a scorched and barren place for a long time. And the shapeshifters have always been†¦ the lowest of all the Night People.† â€Å"That's true,† Nissa put in, her voice neither approving nor disapproving, simply making an observation. â€Å"Most Night People consider shapeshifters second-class citizens. They try to keep them down. I think, underneath, that they're still afraid of them.† â€Å"And there's never been an alliance between the shapeshifters and the witches,† Keller said. She looked directly at Diana. â€Å"That's why the promise ceremony is so important. If the shapeshifters don't side with the witches, they're going to go with the vampires-â€Å" She stopped abruptly and looked at Galen. He nodded. â€Å"I was thinking the same thing.† â€Å"Those animal attacks,† Keller said slowly. ‘It sounds as if the shapeshifters are already making their decision. They're helping to bring about the time of chaos at the end of the millennium. They're letting the whole world know that they're siding with the vampires.† There was a shocked silence. â€Å"But how can they decide?† Winnie began. â€Å"That's just it,† Nissa said. â€Å"The question is, is it just the ordinary shapeshifters who're doing it, or is it official? In other words, has the First House already decided?† Everyone looked at Galen. â€Å"I don't think so,† he said. â€Å"I don't think they'll make any decision yet, at least not in public. As for what they're doing in private, I don't know.† His voice was still flat; it made no excuses. He looked around the table, facing all of them. â€Å"My parents are warriors. They don't belong to Circle Daybreak, and they don't like the witches. But they don't like the vampires, either. More than anything, they'll want to be on whichever side is going to win. And that depends on which side gets the Wild Powers.† â€Å"I think they want something else,† Keller said. â€Å"like?† They want to know that the witches are treating them fairly and not just trying to use them. I mean, if they thought that Circle Daybreak had found the Witch Child but wasn't going to promise her to their heir, well, they wouldn't be happy. It's not just a matter of having a kinship bond with the witches. It's a matter of feeling they're being treated as equals.† Nissa's light brown eyes narrowed, and she seemed almost to smile. â€Å"I think you've summed it up very well.† â€Å"So what it all comes down to,† Keller said pointedly, â€Å"is what happens on Saturday night. If there's a promise ceremony, it means the witches have found the Wild Power and that they're willing to tie her to the shapeshifters. If not†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She let the sentence trail off and looked at Hiana. There, she thought. I've put it so plainly and simply, you can't deny it now. And you can't help but see what's at stake. Diana's eyes were like faraway violet storm clouds. Keller couldn't tell what she was thinking. Maybe that the situation couldn't be denied but that she herself wasn't involved. Winnie took a deep breath. â€Å"Galen.† Her face was still drawn and unhappy, but the burning anger in her eyes was gone. She met Galen's gaze directly. Tm sorry,† she said. â€Å"I shouldn't have said those things before. I know you're on our side. And I'm not like those people who don't trust the shapeshifters.† Galen smiled at her faintly, but his eyes were serious. â€Å"I don't know. Maybe you shouldn't trust us. There are things in our blood-you can't get rid of the dragon completely.† It was strange. At that moment, his eyes looked not only dark but almost red to Keller. Exactly the opposite of their usual golden-green. It was as if a light were smoldering somewhere deep inside them. Then Winnie abruptly extended her hand across the table. â€Å"I know you,† she said. â€Å"And there's nothing bad in your blood. I won't mistrust you again.† Galen hesitated one instant, then reached out with something like gratitude and took her hand. â€Å"Thanks,† he whispered. â€Å"Hey, if I were the Witch Child, I'd promise to you in a minute,† Winnie said. Then she sniffled, but her smile was much more like the old Winnie's smile. Keller glanced at Iliana almost casually and was riveted by what she saw. The girl had changed again. Now she didn't look like a princess or an ice maiden but like a very young soldier about to go into battle. Or maybe a human sacrifice who could save her tribe by jumping into a volcano. Her hair seemed to shine, silvery and pale, and her eyes were deep, deep violet in her small face. Her slight shoulders were back, and her chin was determined. Slowly, staring at something invisible in the center of the table, Iliana stood up. As soon as the motion drew their attention, the others fell quiet. It was obvious to everyone that something important was happening. Iliana stood there, her hands clenched by her sides, her chest rising and falling with her breathing. Then she looked at Galen. Finally, she looked at Keller. Tm not the Witch Child any more than Winnie is. And I think you know that by now. But†¦Ã¢â‚¬  She took a breath, steadied herself. Keller held her own breath. â€Å"But if you want me to pretend to be, I'll do it. I'll go to the promise ceremony with Galen-I mean, if hell do it with me.† She gave a half-embarrassed glance at Galen, looking shy and almost apologetic. â€Å"Will he ever!† Winnie said enthusiastically. Keller could have kissed her. Galen himself didn't rise to the occasion properly at all; instead, he opened his mouth, looking uncertain. Fortunately, Iliana was going on. â€Å"Then I'll go through with it. And maybe that will be enough for the shapeshifters to join with the witches, as long as they don't find out I'm a fake.† She looked unhappy. She was so adamant that for a moment Keller was shaken. Could it be she wasn't the Wild Power? But no. Keller knew she was. She just hasn't awakened her power yet. And if she continued to deny it, she never would. She said, â€Å"Thank you, Iliana. You don't know how much, how many lives you're going to save. Thank you.† Then the excitement got the better of her, and she took Iliana by the arm and gave her a sort of shaking squeeze of affection. â€Å"You're a trooper!† Winnie said, and hugged her hard. â€Å"I knew you'd come through all the time, I really did.† Nissa smiled at her with genuine approval. Galen was smiling, too, although there was something in his eyes†¦ â€Å"There's just one thing,† Iliana said a little bit breathlessly, rubbing her arm where Keller had gripped it. â€Å"Ill do this. I said I would. But I have two conditions.† Keller's excitement deflated. â€Å"Conditions?† â€Å"You can have anything you want,† Winnie said, blinking away happy tears. â€Å"Cars, clothes, books†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"No, no, I don't want things,† Diana said. â€Å"What I mean is, I'm doing this because I can't just stand around and not do anything when stuff like that is going on.† She shivered. â€Å"I have to do anything I can to help. But. I'm still not the right person. So the first condition is that while I'm pretending to be the Wild Power, you guys have somebody out looking for the real one.† Keller said smoothly, â€Å"I'll tell Circle Daybreak. They'll keep looking and checking other Harmans. They'll do it for as long as you want them to.† They would, too. It was a small price to pay. â€Å"And the other condition?† Keller asked. â€Å"I want to go to Jaime's party on Saturday.† Instant uproar. Even Nissa was talking over people. Keller cut short her own exclamations and gestured for everybody to shut up. Then she looked Diana dead in the eye. ‘It's impossible. And you know it's impossible. Unless you've found a way to be in two places at once.† â€Å"Don't be stupid,† Diana said. That small, determined chin was tight. â€Å"I mean before the promise ceremony thing. I want to go just for an hour or two. Because she's one of my very best friends, and she's gotten attacked twice because of me.† â€Å"So what? You're already making it up to her. You're saving her life and her twin brother's life and her parents' lives-â€Å" â€Å"No, I'm not. I'm faking being a Wild Power when I know it isn't true. I'm acting a lie.† There were tears in Diana's eyes now. â€Å"But I'm not going to hurt Jaime's feelings, and I'm not going to break my promise to her. And that's that. So if you want me to go through with your little charade, I'll do it, but I want to go to the party first.† There was a silence. Well, she's stubborn, I'll give her that, Keller thought. Once she decides on something, she absolutely won't be budged on it. I guess that will be helpful when the Wild Powers fight the darkness someday. But right now, it was simply infuriating. Keller drew a very long breath and said, â€Å"Okay.† Winnie and Nissa looked at her sharply. They hadn't expected her to give in so fast, and they were undoubtedly wondering if their boss had some trick up her sleeve.

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The Meaning of Libre in Spanish

Libre is the most common Spanish adjective for free—but it isnt used to refer to something that is available without charge or cost. For that, the word to use almost always is gratis. Instead, libre, related to words such as liberate and liberty, usually refers to being free in the sense of being free of restraints or sometimes in the sense of being available. Some examples of its use: En 2016, Argentina celebra 200 aà ±os del surgimiento de una nacià ³n libre y independiente. (In 2016, Argentina celebrates 200 years of the springing forth of a free and independent nation.)Soy hombre libre. No dependo de nadie. (Im a free man. I dont depend on anyone.)Serà © libre cuando mis padres no està ©n aquà ­. (I will be free when my parents arent here.) ¿Dà ³nde encontrar cosmà ©ticos libres de crueldad animal? (Where can I find cosmetics made free of animal cruelty?)Dejaron libres a los cinco presos. (They freed the five prisoners.)No habà ­a asiento libre a la vista. (There was not an available (or free) seat in sight.)Hay una diferencia de actitud entre la traduccià ³n libre y la traduccià ³n literal. (There is a difference in attitude between a free translation and a literal translation.)Todos tienen derecho a respirar aire libre de humo. (Everyone has the right to breathe smoke-free air.) Phrases Using Libre An abundance of phrases and idioms use libre. Among the most common: absolucià ³n libre — verdict of not guiltyaire libre, al aire libre — outdoorsamor libre — free lovecaà ­da libre — free falldar và ­a libre — to give permissiondà ­a libre — day off work or other obligationslibre de impuestos — tax-freelucha libre — wrestlingmercado libre — free market (an economics term)paso libre — something free of obstaclesprensa libre — free presspuerto libre — free portsoftware libre — open-source softwaretiempo libre — free timetiro libre — free throw (as in basketball), free kick (as in soccer)trabajar por libre — to do freelance work Words Related to Libre The two verbs most closely related to libre are  liberar and librar. Liberar is the more common and usually means to liberate, to release, or to let a person or a animal go free. Librar has a variety of seemingly unrelated meanings including saving someone from danger, drawing a check (monetary instrument), fighting ,and revealing. There are also several related compound nouns including librecambio (free trade), librecambista (advocate of free trade), and librepensador (freethinker). Other related words include librado (someone who draws or writes a check), liberal (liberal), and libertad (liberty). Etymology Libre comes from the Latin liber, which had a similar meaning to libre. From liber came the Latin verb liberare, meaning to set free or liberate. Its past participle, liberatus, became the source of English words such as liberate and liberation. Other Words for ‘Free’ The other adjective frequently used for free is gratis, meaning without cost. As in the third example, gratis can also be used as an adverb. Note that the singular and plural forms of gratis are the same. Este martes la cadena de comida rà ¡pida te da desayuno gratis. (This Tuesday the fast-food chain is giving you a free breakfast.)Prà ©stamos de sillas gratis para los bebà ©s. (Loans of free baby seats.)Aquà ­ puedes aparcar tu coche gratis. (Here you can park your car free.) The phrase exento de, although usually translated as exempt from, can sometimes be used instead of libre de for free of: El soporte debe estar limpio y exento de grasa. (The support should be clean and free of grease.)Éste papel no està ¡ exento de à ¡cido. (This paper isnt acid-free.) Finally, it is extremely common to translate the suffix free using the preposition sin, meaning without: En el mercado puedes comprar un amplio surtido de infusiones sin cafeà ­na. (In the market you can buy a large assortment of caffeine-free herbal teas.)La leche deshidratada sin grasa y la leche descremada en polvo son muy similares. (Fat-free dehydrated milk and powdered skim milk are very similar.)Espero que puedas vivir sin ansiedad. (I hope you can live worry-free.) Key Takeaways Libre is the typical translation for free when it used as an adjective for meanings other than being without cost.Gratis is used when referring to something that has no cost.Libre is derived from the verb librar, which is related to the English verb liberate.

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The Rise Of Mental Illness Essay - 1596 Words

The rise of mental illness is upon us, but this is nothing new. We have become exposed to different illnesses in the media, particularly films. No one bats an eye at the validity of a teenager being diagnosed with brain cancer, but people refuse to accept their family member having a mental disorder. Popular culture tends to associate persons with mental disorders as â€Å"crazy† and â€Å"dangerous†, and we accept these characteristics and do not question them. This becomes dangerous when judges or jurors in a courtroom also begin to adopt this ideology. In â€Å"The Myth of Mental Illness in the Movies and Its Impact on Forensic Psychology†, L.E.A. Walker et al. observe how the adverse portrayals of psychological disorders in films negatively influence public perceptions toward the mentally ill and, as a result, effect the outcome of court cases. I agree with Walker et al.’s point about the roles in these movies being so powerful that people generalize a ll sufferers of psychological illness into the same category and it is the duty of psychologists to normalize people’s views. I believe Walker et al.’s writing helps bring to light the stigma associated with psychological illnesses and how our duty is to help set the record straight. First, this paper will evaluate Walker et al.’s examples of characters in films and incorporate additional examples of negative representation. Then, I will broaden Walker et al.’s scope to also include print media rather than solely films and court cases.Show MoreRelatedThe Cost Of Not Caring For Those With Mental Illness1498 Words   |  6 PagesCaring for those with Mental Illness Mental health issues are on the rise, especially among the youth, 6 out of 10 young people do not receive mental health treatment for major depression. Currently, there are over 40 million Americans are dealing with a mental health issue and 56 percent of them are not receiving proper treatment. (mentalhealthAmerica). In addition, 33 percent of all homeless individuals have a mental illness and do not receive treatment. With the rise of mental health issues, theRead MoreMental Illness Persuasive Speech Outline762 Words   |  4 PagesSpeech Mental Illness in the College Campus Introduction 1) Quote: Stigma is shame. Shame causes silence. Silence hurts us all. 2) Thesis: Mental Illness in colleges needs to be addressed because of the rise in college students being diagnosed in mental health problems. 3) Reconnect with Audience: What do you think is the numbers of people in America have a mental illness? According to the US Nation Library of Medicine and National Institutes found that 1 in 4 adults have a mental illness. 4) PREVIEW:Read MoreOne Social Issue That Has Not Gotten Much Attention Until1357 Words   |  6 PagesOne social issue that has not gotten much attention until the past few years is mental illness. Playwrights recently started creating works that feature characters with mental illnesses. One such play is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Simon Stephen, based on the book of the same name by Mark Haddon. This story follows an autistic boy named Christopher and his investigation to not only figure out who killed the neighbor’s dog but also understand his family. During the play, itRead MoreAbnormal Psychology - Behaviour That Is Not Socially Acceptable962 Words   |  4 Pagespsychological state that is harmful to the individual or others Person with an illness, on medication, deviates from the norm Study of illnesses, mental disorders that the DSM-IV does not recognize as normal Myths and Misconceptions No single definition of psychological abnormality No single definition of psychological normality Many myths are associated with mental illness {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} Read MoreThe Rise of Anxiety Disorder Essay1049 Words   |  5 PagesAs the world leaps into the future, it seems that mental illness is becoming more of a problem among many people. One of the most common types of illnesss among the current population is anxiety disorders. It is evident that there is a rise of anxiety disorder among the Western World. There are three main factors that contribute to this, they include our education system, technology and media, and the treatment and decreasing criticism anxiety patients receive. In recent years, it has become aRead MoreThe Between The Underworld And The Orderly World1424 Words   |  6 Pagesgrips with his sane persona. At the end of the movie Beckert’s power over society, established through the high crane shots, has disappeared as well. During his trial, he pleads with the court to acknowledge that his killings are a result of a mental illness. The tables have turned from the start of the film and the people now control the fate of Beckert’s fate,. This being represented through the camera looking down on Beckert as he begs for mercy on his hands and knees (Appendix F). Another nuanceRead MoreChildren With Mental Health Illnesses Essay975 Words   |  4 Pagesby 2015/2016, following this the allocated budget for PIP was reduced by 20%. Having to prove eligibility for certain benefits is in itself a barrier for people with mental health illnesses, as the process of having to explain how and why they satisfy the eligibility criteria, which, is mainly aimed at physical needs and not mental health needs to someone they do not know under assessment conditions can be discouraging. Additionally, if a claimant is unsuccessful, appealing against the decision canRead MoreJail Diversion Programs : Prison Diversion Program1434 Words   |  6 Pages Jail Diversion Programs Aja Ferguson Chaminade University Jail Diversion Programs Introduction Jail diversion is a mental health platform explicitly premeditated to isolate and divert individuals with mental health, substance abuse disorders or both from the criminal justice system into a need-specific treatment in the mental health system. Specifically, the program provides linkages to community-based treatment and support services to assist the individual in reducing deviant behavior. ForRead MoreThe Medical Model Of Psychopathology962 Words   |  4 PagesApproaches 2001 it was a common view of mental illness in Enlightenment Europe, until the locks to better understanding of mental illness were broken free by the knowledge and clearer understanding of French doctor Philippe Pinell (1745-1826), who mentored Jean-Etienne dominique Esquirol (1772-1840), who was able to â€Å"formally distinguished between the insane, the mentally deficient, and the criminal† (Joseph 1997). According to the medical model, the causes of mental illness may be biological in nature, orRead MoreIs American Society Breed Mental Illness?1250 Words   |  5 PagesNation of Anxiety Does American Society Breed Mental Illness? Over the past couple decades, disabling mental illness has drastically increased in the United States. Among these, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association Of America, GAD is characterized by persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things. This disorder is often linked with other anxiety disorders, such as depression and panic

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The Awakening on Kate Chopins The Awakening - 1745 Words

The time period of the 1880s that Kate Chopin lived in influenced her to write The Awakening, a very controversial book because of many new depictions of women introduced in the book. The Awakening is a book about a woman, Edna Pontellier. In the beginning, she is a happy woman with her husband and 2 kids vacationing at Grand Isle. While there, Edna realizes she is in love with Robert Lebrun and that she was just forced into an unloving/dissatisfying marriage with Mr. Pontellier. Robert however, leaves for Mexico. While there, Edna picks up a relationship with Alcee Arobin who helps her realize her sexual passions. Edna has a sexual awakening, and is determined to get independence and she eventually leaves Mr. Pontellier. She shows her independence and sexual passions through painting. Edna moves into a house of her own. Robert comes home and tells her he loves her. However, Edna cant handle all of the social rules and commits suicide before finishing her conversation with Robert. T he book contained a lot of sexual passion shown by Edna, which is a new depiction of women in the 1880s. The new tone Kate Chopin wrote in was influenced by society and her life. The Awakening caused a lot of controversy due to this new tone. During the mid to late 1800s, the time period that Kate Chopin wrote The Awakening, women were expected to be a mother-woman, which influenced Kate Chopin to write this book about the gain of independence by women. Women were expected to stay at homeShow MoreRelatedKate Chopins The Awakening1767 Words   |  8 Pageswith experimentation and exploration, followed by personal acceptance, and finally, although not always, societal acceptance. Although we have come a long way on the path of acceptance of different sexual transgressions, the stories of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, Tennessee Williams’ â€Å"Vieux Carre,† and Lyle Saxon’s â€Å"The Centaur Plays Croquet† show that this type of acceptance has not alw ays been the case. Each story plays an integral role when looking at the steps on the path to societal acceptanceRead MoreKate Chopins The Awakening1871 Words   |  8 Pagesworshipping her children and submitting to her husband. Kate Chopins novel, The Awakening, encompasses the frustrations and the triumphs in a womans life as she attempts to cope with these strict cultural demands. Defying the stereotype of a mother-woman, Edna battles the pressures of 1899 that command her to be a subdued and devoted housewife. Although Ednas ultimate suicide is a waste of her struggles against an oppressive society, The Awakening supports and encourages feminism as a way for womenRead More Kate Chopin’s The Awakening - The Feminist Awakening Essay2094 Words   |  9 PagesThe Feminist Awakening    Women’s rights have evolved over time; beginning with being homemakers and evolving to obtaining professions, acquiring an education, and gaining the right to vote. The movement that created all these revolutionary changes was called the feminist movement. The feminist movement occurred in the twentieth century. Many people are not aware of the purpose of the feminist movement. The movement was political and social and it sought to set up equality for women. Women’s groupsRead More Kate Chopin’s The Awakening Essay4153 Words   |  17 PagesKate Chopin’s The Awakening Kate Chopin’s The Awakening should be seen as depicting the discontentment that comes from self-gratification rather than the glorification of delighting in one’s fantasies. Chopin describes the central idea of one who is seeking to please her personal needs and desires and, in the process, neglects to notice how her actions affect others. The protagonist, Edna, is not able to find peace or happiness in the accepted daily life that a woman of her era and socialRead MoreKate Chopins The Awakening1176 Words   |  5 PagesIn Kate Chopin, â€Å"The Awakening†, longing for passion and freedom Edna Pontellier leaves the safety of her gilded cage, only to find that death is her only salvation. In the 1800’s the main role in society for a female was to be a wife and mother, women at this time were the property of their husbands and had little say in anything. Which for Edna was the opposite of what she wanted, she wanted to be free from these responsibilit ies and to live her own life. Although Edna is not a victim in theRead More Kate Chopins Awakening Essay1448 Words   |  6 PagesKate Chopins Awakening Kate Chopins depiction of â€Å"The Awakening† is realistic as she develops Edna Pontellier’s character from a socially and morally respectable individual to an individual that turns her back on everything closest to her as she births her new self-being. Edna Pontellier struggles between her subconscious and conscious thoughts as unusual feelings stir unfounded emotions and senses. Some of Chopin’s characters lend themselves in Edna’s â€Å"awakening†. Through examination of LeonceRead More Kate Chopins The Awakening Essay1350 Words   |  6 PagesKate Chopins The Awakening Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening expresses the difficulty of finding a woman’s place in society. Edna learns of new ideas such as freedom and independence while vacationing in Grand Isle. Faced with a choice to conform to society’s expectations or to obey personal desires for independence, Edna Pontellier realizes that either option will result in dissatisfaction. Thus, Edna’s awakening in Grand Isle leads to her suicide. Edna’s awakening occurs duringRead MoreEssay on Kate Chopins The Awakening1246 Words   |  5 PagesKate Chopins The Awakening In Kate Chopins, The Awakening, Edna Pontellier came in contact with many different people during a summer at Grand Isle. Some had little influence on her life while others had everything to do with the way she lived the rest of her life. The influences and actions of Robert Lebrun on Edna led to her realization that she could never get what she wanted, which in turn caused her to take her own life. In the Creole culture, outward affection and expressionRead MoreFemale Empowerment in Kate Chopins The Awakening7915 Words   |  32 PagesHeinrich-Heine-Università ¤t Wintersemester 2010/11 Vertiefungsmodul Kurs: American Realism and Naturalism - Short Stories Seminarleiter: Georg Schiller Datum der Abgabe: 16.04.2011 Female Empowerment in Kate Chopin’s â€Å"The Awakening† Anjana Dhir BA Englisch KF, Geschichte NF 3. Semester Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. The FrenchRead More The Shocking Ideas of Kate Chopins The Awakening1864 Words   |  8 PagesIdeas of The Awakening Ideas that resist existing social boundaries commonly are rejected at first, because people don’t want to wake up from their reliable lives. Kate Chopin, however, believed that an awakening was in order, and she attempted to open the eyes of society through her novel The Awakening. The public’s reaction to Chopin’s novel was not one of acceptance. Too strong a drink for moral babies, and should be labeled ‘poison,’ was the how the Republic described Chopins work (Seyersted

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Art History for Power and Beauty

Question: Discuss about theArt History for Power and Beauty Inherent of the Earth. Answer: Art since 1945: Ana Mendieta, Tree of Life, 1977 Ana Mendieta is considered to be one of the most important artists of the world post 1945. In her own opinion, My art is grounded on the belief in one universal energy which runs through everything; from insect to man, from man to spectre, from spectre to plant, from plant to galaxy (Gallery et al). The Tree of Life or "Arbol de la Vida" completed by her in the year 1977 is one of her most significant works and in this particular work like the other works of her she dwells on the theme of the female goddess and the divine energy (Gallery et al). The female figure in this particular artwork is often interpreted as a silhouette of the female goddess and the energy which entails with her. In the opinion of the other critics this particular artwork of Mendieta represents the creative, fertility of the divine feminine and the power and beauty inherent in the earth (Gallery et al). This particular artwork of hers represents a female figure standing in front of a tree and is often considere d to be one of the paradigms of the modern artworks. Therefore, this artwork should deserve a place within the Two Rivers Gallery. Art since 1945: Alberto Giacometti, The City Sqaure, 1948 Giacometti is a post war artists whose artworks have been much appreciated in the present times. He is famous for his artworks which incorporate within them precepts of surrealism, expressionism and others to portray the condition of the modern day world (Mathews). The City Sqaure of Giacometti was inspired by the gruesomeness which he experienced during the Second World War and is a personal account of the horrors which he encountered during the war (Mathews). In the opinion of many scholars and critics this particular artwork of Giacometti tries to show the future of mankind if mankind continues to indulge in the practices of war (Mathews). In the opinion of others this particular work of the artists shows human isolation, vulnerability, and indestructibility (Mathews). Thus, it can be said that various critics as well as scholars have offered different interpretations of the same work however none of the critics or the scholars can deny the importance and the artistry involved in the artwork. Another interesting thing to note about the work is that the entire work has been carved out on a piece of bronze. Thus, it can be said that this particular work of Giacometti deserves a place in the Two Rivers Gallery. Art since 1945: Nora Heysen, Motherhood, 1950 Nora Heysen is another modern artist whose works have much influenced the course of the modern art. It is to be noted that just like the artworks of Giacometti, the artworks of Heysen have also been much influenced by the war and its related aspects. Thus, her Motherhood completed in the year 1950 is considered to be one of the most pertinent expressions of the gruesome machinery of war and the danger which it poses to the modern society (Hylton). In the opinion of many critics as well as scholars this particular artwork of Heysen represents the protective feelings of a mother to protect her child from the horrors of the war (Hylton). It is to be noted that after the two great wars many artists have tried to depict the harmful side of the war by the use of various machinery however this particular work of art stands out among them as it uses the machinery of human emotions and the protective feelings of a mother towards her child to drive home the point of Heysen (Hylton). Thus, it c an be said that this particular artwork of Nora Heysen deserves a place in the Two Rivers Gallery. Modern Art in Europe and America 1900-1945: Pablo Picasso, Minotaur Kneeling Over Sleeping Girl, 1933 Picasso is considered to be one of the most important pioneers of the modern art of painting and it is a reflection of this that many of his paintings are considered to be models or frameworks from which the various modern artists compose their artworks (Dillenberger and Handley). His Minotaur Kneeling Over Sleeping Girl composed in the year 1933 was one of his earliest artworks and shows some of the dominant themes of his in miniature theme which would be further developed in his later works (Dillenberger and Handley). In addition to that, this is the first example in line among several works to be realized through the remaining part of the decade by the painter where he used the theme of the legendary Minoan creature Minotaur recurrently (Dillenberger and Handley). It is to be noted that the Minotaur myth finds repeated use in the later works of Picasso and because of this particular reason Minotaur Kneeling Over Sleeping Girl is considered one of the most important works in the ca nnon of Picassos artworks (Dillenberger and Handley). Thus, it can be said that this particular artwork of Picasso should find a place in the Two Rivers Gallery. European and American Art, 1840-1910: Van Gogh, Midday Rest, 1890 Van Gogh, the predecessor of Picasso is often considered to be one of the greatest artists not only of the 19th century but of all times (Schulze and Windhorst). He is considered to be one of the earliest practitioners of the art of expressionism and the painting Midday Rest composed in the year 1890 is often considered to be a result of this particular art-form (Wilkie). This particular artwork has an interesting history behind its creation. According to many critics, Van Gogh left Paris after staying in it only for three days and this particular painting of Van Gogh is considered to the composed after his retirement from the bustling society of Paris (Wilkie). In the opinion of Van Gogh, Auvers is very beautiful. There were many old thatched roofs, something that is becoming rare (...) It is entirely rural, distinct and picturesque. (...) I am almost sure that on these canvas I have articulated what I cannot express in words, namely how healthy and heartening I find the countryside " (Schulze and Windhorst). It is this particular serenity as well as the beauty of the land of Auvers that went into the creation of the painting. This particular painting of Van Gogh shows a man and a woman taking rest in the rural area of Auvers away from the bustling society of Paris. Thus, it can be said that this particular painting of Van Gogh deserves a place in the Two Rivers Gallery. References Dillenberger, Jane, and John Handley.The Religious Art of Pablo Picasso. Univ of California Press, 2014. Gallery, Hayward, et al.Ana Mendieta: Traces. Hatje Cantz, 2014. Hylton, Jane.Nora Heysen: light and life. Wakefield Press, 2009. Mathews, Timothy.Alberto Giacometti: The art of relation. IB Tauris, 2013. Schulze, Franz, and Edward Windhorst.Mies van der Rohe: A critical biography. University of Chicago Press, 2012. Wilkie, Ken.The Van Gogh File: The Myth and the Man. Souvenir Press, 2012

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Making Sense of Panda 3.9 †What Does it Mean For Your Web Sites Content

A few days ago, Google tweeted that a new â€Å"data refresh† of Panda would begin rolling out that night. Dubbed Panda 3.9 because this is the ninth tweak to Panda, this update is expected to affect roughly 1 percent of all search results. With yet another announced Panda update, it’s easy to panic. After all, if your websites were hurt in previous updates, a sense of dread is sure to accompany each new change to Panda. But will recent Panda updates have the same bite as earlier ones? The Most Recent Panda Updates Since the beginning of the year, Google has tweaked Panda eight times. In the last two months, we saw three Panda updates: Panda 3.7, Panda 3.8, and Panda 3.9. Panda 3.7 rolled out as a â€Å"data refresh† on June 8th and was said to affect less than one percent of search results in the U.S. and about one percent of results around the world. A couple of weeks later, Panda 3.8 was released, again as a data refresh and again expected to affect about one percent of search engine results. Do you see a trend here? Panda 3.9, which just happened, was also labeled as a data refresh. It is also expected to affect approximately one percent of search results. What is a Data Refresh? In order to understand the potential impact of Panda 3.7, Panda 3.8, and Panda 3.9, you need to know what Google means when it calls a Panda update a â€Å"data refresh.† According to Matt Cutts’ blog post titled, Explaining Algorithm Updates and Data Refreshes, a data refresh occurs when data is refreshed within an existing algorithm such as an index update. What is an index update? This is when new Google index data is pushed to its data centers. In short, a data refresh isn’t a major change to the algorithm; it’s a change to the data that the algorithms work with. Imagine you run a telemarketing call center and use a combination of hardware and software (commonly called predictive dialers) to place phone calls. If you change the hardware and software used to make the calls so that calls are made only to males living in the 916 area code, that would be comparable to changing an algorithm. It would have a huge impact on operations as females and anyone living outside that area code would be effectively de-listed. On the other hand, if you update the list of phone numbers of prospects to call, that would be comparable to a data refresh and it would have a minimal impact. It would simply add newly discovered males in that area code or remove those who have moved away or opted out. Since the algorithm itself hasn’t been changed, just the data it looks at, the impact on search results is minimal with a data refresh. Hence, the repeated assurances that only about one percent of results will be affected. The Implications of Panda Data Refreshes If data refreshes are relatively minor, what’s the big deal about Panda 3.9 and its data refresh siblings? These updates reinforce Google’s commitment to improving its search results. When Google tweeted the most recent data refresh, it also included a link to its May 6, 2011 blog post, More Guidance on Building High-Quality Sites(be sure to check out our post explaining what this means. The inclusion of that particular link tells us this: Google is still focused on helping Google users find relevant, high-quality sites. The best way to ensure that future Panda updates won’t hurt you is to give Google and, more importantly, your website’s visitors, what they want: fresh, informative, and well-written unique content and articles. If you do this consistently, you’ll never have to fear the words Panda update again.

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Nursing Response To Alcoholism, Neonates Children free essay sample

Nature of alcoholism effects of impaired mothers on offspring from nursing perspective. Typical dependent behavior, psychological social aspects, physical mental damage, ethnic issues, proposed nursing response. Abstract. Problems for neonates and children arising from the use and misuse of alcohol by adults were examined. For the progeny of pregnant women, problems begin with gestational exposure to alcohol, regardless of the fact that the mother may not be abusing the substance. Heavy use of alcohol by a pregnant woman, however, exacerbates the problem for the child once born. Alcohol abuse by adults in households with children also affects adversely the lives of those children. The prevalence of drinking is highest for both females and in the 21-34 age range, which is the